Nothing is off limits. Everything is possible.
And that’s what this revival and book is all about.  

ABotu this book

Bold new burgers are appearing on the menus of the country’s top restaurants, reverently prepared by some of the nation’s best chefs. No longer left to the realm of roadside diner nostalgia, the American burger has become a fine dining event, expertly crafted and fiendishly devoured. Allow award-winning chef Samuel Monsour and noted burger critic and chef Richard Chudy to serve as your guides in this brave new world of ham- burgery, bringing that energy, creativity, and skill to your own kitchen and backyard.

With a fearless do-it-yourself spirit and respect for the gritty, authentic flavors of Amer- ican cuisine, Monsour and Chudy share 120 mouthwatering recipes to reawaken your taste buds and set your grills ablaze. No top-down or ordinary “themed” burgers here. Instead, these renegade chefs provide you with the tools and inspiration to realize your own wild creations. (See their baker’s dozen of outrageously stacked burger “centerfolds” to fire up your imagination.) Organized by the elements it takes to reach burger nirvana—the perfect patty, provocative seasonings, imaginative buns, decadent cheese creations, flavor-packed condiments and pick- les, and a slew of scandalous treats that defy categorization—American Burger Revival invites ambitious cooks to play with their favorite food. Sizzling with dynamic writing and design, American Burger Revival will feed the souls of devoted burger lovers everywhere. Stoke the coals and prepare to see the light.

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