Singing the gospel

Guy“WHERE’S THE BEEF?! Yeah baby, its all right here in this book. These real-deal burger bad boys break it all down so that you can make it all happen on your own at home.”

 –GUY FIERI, Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives


GrantFor me, the burger has always been a mix of emotions: the satisfaction I felt seeing people gobble up the patties I flipped at my parents’ diner as a kid; the reckless freedom of cruising through the drive thru with my high school friends; the embarrassment of defending the burger to Michelin-starred cooks in Europe as a culinary student. Coming full circle, it was those A&W memories that led me to create my own laud- ed version of this great American icon at Alinea. Reading Samuel and Richard’s book will inevitably give you that same dose of deep-rooted nostalgia and inspire your own memorable burger creations.”

–CHEF GRANT ACHATZ, Alinea, Next, and Aviary
ScelfoPassion and creativity: that’s what Sammy and Richard bring to the burger game. Sammy’s unharnessable spirit of innovation and Richard’s deep expertise come together to create delicious and cutting-edge burgers. What you have in front of you is not a “flip through and put it on the shelf” book, but a fun, creative, and inspiring tool for making what is no doubt America’s true national cooking and eating pastime.”